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Services tailored to your needs, place, and BUDGET!

Most people believe that they cannot get their workplace or house designed by professional interior designers due to their restricted budget. But, when you connect with the Rawabi team, you can get rid of this misconception. For us, a limited budget project does not mean that we will use cheap quality material or alter our service
quality according to a spending plan. We have the best interior solutions for each place, from an enormous budget to the most restricted ones.
Residential Projects

Apartment design & fitout

Rawabi Interior Design and Fit Out specializes in creating stunning apartment designs and custom fit-outs. Try us to transform your space into a stylish and functional home.


Design & fitout

Rawabi Interior Design and Fit Out: Elevate your villa with our expertise. We create stunning designs and personalized fit-outs for a beautiful and functional living space.


design & fitout

Rawabi Interior Design and Fit Out: Creating exceptional penthouse designs and customized fit-outs for an exquisite and functional living experience. 

Commercial Projects

design & fit out

Rawabi Interior Design and Fit Out revolutionize your workspace. Our innovative designs and customized fit-outs boost productivity and leave a lasting impression. Transform your office environment. 


retail shop
design & fit out

Rawabi Interior Design and Fit Out: Ignite your retail shop with our expertise. Our captivating designs and tailored fit-outs optimize customer experience and drive sales. Explore us for transformative retail solutions.


beauty salon
design & fit out

Make your salon shine with Rawabi Interior Design and Fit Out. With the exquisite designs we offer and the custom fit-outs, we create a captivating atmosphere for your clients. Visit us for transformative salon solutions.

design & fit out

Transform your restaurant into a culinary masterpiece with Rawabi Interior Design and Fit Out. Our exceptional designs and custom fit-outs create an inviting atmosphere that enhances the dining experience.


design & fit out

Make your clinic stand out with Rawabi Interior Design. We create an environment that is soothing, enhancing patient comfort and trust. Visit us for more transformative clinical solutions.

design & fit out

Rawabi Interior Design and Fit Out: Transform your showroom into a captivating space. Our innovative designs and customized fit-outs enhance product display, creating an immersive and engaging experience.


Make Your Place Luxurious With The Rawabi Team!

Rawabi Interior Design and Maintenance is one of the leading interior design companies in UAE that participates in an expansive scope of services, including interior designing services for residential and commercial places on a reasonable budget.

Rawabi Interior Design And Maintenance is the new skyline where we make your fantasies conceivable in your assessed spending plan. We believe that everybody must have the opportunity to experience how they need to live. Therefore, we are the thought box of makeovers for your fantasy homes. In this way, we support numerous people to live luxurious lives and make their fantasy place a reality.We assist in making each side of your home into another energetic space with new stories regardless of the old ones with our touch.

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